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Inspired humans create inspiring campaigns and movements. We’re committed to your brand’s success and equally committed to empowering diverse LGBTQ2+ communities. We believe that deep down, every human wants to serve a purpose greater than themselves. We’re out to cause a ripple effect where marketing campaigns use their power for good.  

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Whether you’ve been working with the LGBTQ2+ community for decades or are just getting started, we can help you discover what’s possible. As Canada’s leading national LGBTQ2+ marketing agency, our experience is second to none. We know how to create campaigns that make a difference and deliver remarkable results. When you work with us, you’ll build unwavering brand loyalty from a wonderful community that’s eager to support brands that engage with them in a meaningful way. Our clients love the impact they make and the purpose they serve, and it allows us to continue growing and evolving together.     

Serial entrepreneur, trailblazer, wisdom seeker, master innovator, fierce creator, and fearless leader. After working in Toronto, New York, LA, and San Francisco, Patricia settled down with her family on Bowen Island in British Columbia. She has nearly two decades of global experience working with the LGBTQ2+ community and is passionate about empowering diverse communities and redefining what's possible for the human experience. She's committed to empowering others and living a life of purpose, contribution, creativity and fun!

Founder & CEO

Patricia Salib

Benjamin Chafe is based out of Montreal where he's worked and studied in media arts management. Benjamin's professional background in sales and advertising within the entertainment industry has been at the nexus of supporting artists and data-driven results. He is passionate about collaborating with the LGBTQ2+ community and has extensive professional experience with HIV/AIDS organizations and activism. 

Director of Business Development

Benjamin Chafe

Christopher Turner is an award-winning writer, editor and lifelong fashionisto with a passion for social justice, pop culture, fashion and sneakers. His writing can be found in a variety of diverse publications across the country, including IN Magazine, where he serves as the magazine’s editor. He is passionate about creating engaging content and storytelling, especially helping other people tell their stories and share their experiences.


Christopher Turner

Savvy storyteller, compassionate communicator, cheerful connector, poet, and big dreamer. Jumol is a communications expert and writer who specializes in telling stories and creating campaigns that touch on compassion, community, identity and belonging, with a special focus on centring the lived experiences of Black and LGBTQ2+ folks. Jumol believes everyone deserves a seat at the table and strives to ensure that equity-deserving groups feel seen, heard and understood, and know that they matter.

Director of communications + community engagement

Jumol Royes

Purpose Is Powerful

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You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and do it courageously.  
                                                    - Dr. Steve Maraboli

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Beyond success, accomplishment, goal boards, and praise is what we all truly seek. Joy. It's fueled by purpose, contribution, connection, and love. When you create from this sacred place, your possibilities are endless and you attract more of what you really want, joy. 


True creativity doesn’t come from trying to compete with anyone else. It’s a vision that’s aligned deep within when you’re wildly inspired and connected to yourself. Its presence is palpable and remains the heart and soul of our work.  


We get pretty passionate about co-creating. When diversity, varied lived experiences and unique visions are celebrated, we get the best of everyone. This is how we embody collaboration. Our clients are an extension of our team, and we love venturing into uncharted waters together. 

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